marți, 22 iulie 2008

Mountaineer Inn @ Mount Snow

Ta-tam... si asta este locul in care ne petrecem vara. Pentru a afla mai multe amanunte despre acest loc vizitati:

• Scoobytza

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jOannA spunea...

heyZ!! JoaNna here! How'S everything in the Inn? Are U and Luiza having a gooD time? Zee and i just graduated and bAck homE! hhEee!! helP me tO send my reGardS to Ned and Royal! taKe caRe and keeP in toUch!

Scoobytza spunea...

Hey, Joana! Every thing here is as you left it. Boooooooring. We started going out in the only bar of West Dover and we went at a party at the romanian girls. We triend to have fun. Last night David and Lee got waisted drinking some johnie walker:)) you can imagine that Lee was laughing all the time... We miss you, Zee and Pari. How was your graduation? I want to see photos. Here is my e-mail: . Hope to send me and e-mail and your facebook. Lots of kisses from the Mountaineer.